Fight together.
Survive Together.
Thrive Together.

Join a group of veterans who are banding together to spur one another on to lives of betterment and purpose.

about us

Recalibrate delivers social connection for disconnected Veterans and first responders by using wellness activities such as fitness, surfing, yoga, and peer recovery meetings. 

We are a group of veterans who are banding together to spur one another on to lives of betterment and purpose. We are experienced, credible, and available for one another.

Get inVolved

Get off your butt and do something positive.  Take the first step and go.


We join up once a month to sweat together.  Participate in fun team based workouts that are scalable to anyone’s age or capability.

Meets every 3rd Sunday of the month, 10:30AM at Apache Crossfit, Toms River, NJ



Each month we gather to make each other better.  We share, we encourage, we prop one another up during weakness.  

Meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month, 6:30PM at Ocean Mental Health, Toms River, NJ



Free monthly sessions. Veterans are allowed to bring one guest; a friend or a family member,  anyone in your life you’d like to share with.

Meets at Pure Toms River Yoga studio, Toms River, NJ

career coaching

Career Coaching

Want to find a job or start a business? Let our people walk you through the first steps. Free mentoring and business coaching.



Mental Support

Need someone to talk to?  We have clinicians ready and standing by that want to come alongside you.  We understand.



Veterans helping veterans. Love it! Not some desk jockey talking about things they haven't experienced.
Jason S.
Amazing group of Vets investing their hearts and time back in the brotherhood. Grateful to have in the fight.
Dennis A.

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Don’t wait to get plugged in! Contact us whenever, however, and learn how you can start get involved with a local Recalibrate group.

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